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New and overlooked artists shine at the Armory Show, New York’s largest in-person fair since the pandemic, and other shows across the city.

9/9/2021 1:34:11 PM

Compensating for a postponed museum retrospective, an exciting gallery show revisits the painter’s late figurative style.

9/9/2021 12:06:58 PM

Let your fall re-entry begin at the Independent Art Fair in Manhattan, which features painting, photography and the pioneers of net art.

9/9/2021 2:44:42 PM

The new art fair wants to be a “change agent” with more collaboration, global locations and a hyperlocal New York scene.

9/9/2021 1:31:37 PM

An image of Cupid was covered over in “Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window” for nearly 300 years. Now that he’s back on show, the famous painting looks quite different.

9/9/2021 11:51:28 AM

A fraught reconstruction was a missed opportunity, but it helped foster a new urbanism and a broader vision of what a neighborhood can be.

9/8/2021 4:00:37 AM

The trove, which is going on sale because of a court order, includes pieces by Cy Twombly, Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol, and is valued at more than $600 million.

9/9/2021 12:08:47 PM

With the growing visibility of gender-nonconforming and transgender people, the scope of feminism is fast evolving. Now two major museum shows in California explore the impact on art.

9/8/2021 11:34:13 AM

For his new installation of mosaics in New York, the artist ventures below Times Square.

9/7/2021 3:19:52 PM

Max Porter’s new novel imagines the last days of a painter who shares his obsession with mortality.

9/9/2021 8:08:04 AM